Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are you insured?     Yes

2. Will you dress properly?     Yes [this goes without asking]

3. Will you set up early?     At least 1HR before start time

4. Are you updated with your music?     We are members of a famed record pool; we receive all the latest music every 2 weeks

5. Is your music clean?     Yes, no obscene language, all our music is free of profanity

6. Do you interact with the party guests?     Always

7. What kind of equipment do you use?     Only top of the line

8. Do you have a backup system?     Yes

9. Is your music selection diversified?     Being diversified is our specialty; we play for the “Mixed Crowd” [like they say]

10. Can you play at the ceremony, and/or cocktail even if it’s in a separate room?     Yes, we have an additional set up for this situation

11. When is the balance due?     2 Weeks prior to the day of the event [at the same time when all LB forms are due]

12. Can you help with songs for the parental dances?     Yes we can [it’s our job]

13. We’re having a band, as well, is there a discount?     Unfortunately no, we charge for the amount of time we’ll be at your event, not for how long we get to play

14. Where is the best place for the DJ to set up?     Near the dance floor.

15. Is there a charge for changing date of event?     10% of total contract price after 72 hr. of signing contract