4 Tips on making The BEST Quinceañera Surprise Dance

So, how can you make the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance? Check out these 4 easy but, very important tips.

The majority of the Quinceañeras have long and slow waltzes, for all the formalities. They have anything from Chayanne (Tiempo de Vals) to the most traditional Quinceañera Party song Timbiriche with Thalia singing (Quinceañera). It can become very predicting and sometimes boring.

When it comes to the Surprise Dance you have to bring back the energy! You have to get everybody’s attention. You have to set the tone of the party. Let them know we are here to have a great time and PARTY all night! By following these 4 tips you will have the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance!

Best Quinceanera Surprise Dance Video

So here’s a list to make the Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance tips: #1 You must…

#1. Variety. You must have a good mix of songs.

Having a mixture of genres is important. Remember, the main focus here, is to get everyone’s attention. Let your guests know they are here to party. By having multiple genres you make things more inviting for everyone. Have your friends and guests in mind, when doing this. Start out by picking genres you think they all like and then pick the songs you like. (PRO TIP: Always keep it clean, do not play anything with bad words.) Here is a video of a Surprise Dance with mixed genres.


#2. Attitude is everything.

Even if you can’t dance, attitude goes a long way. How many times have you seen somebody dance because they are SAD? Never right? I hope not, that doesn’t even make sense. Well if you are performing any of your Quinceañera waltzes or surprise dance songs, remember to SMILE! Yes, this is a common mistake most Quinceañeras do. They forget to smile. Go out there with your best attitude and dance with a big smile. Don’t let the fear and nervousness get the best out of you. You’re the entertainer and you transmit your energy to your guests. Your pictures and video will look even better too. Say Cheese !!!

#3. Professional Mixes with Effects.

It is always better to have a professional DJ mix the songs for you. You don’t want those awkward silent gaps in your mix. You want a nice mix that will have everybody cheering for more. A professional DJ can turn your Quinceañera Surprise Dance mix from average to a spectacular SHOW! By adding sound effects like record spinning backwards to explosions. Your guests will be feeling the music with you and your dance routine will be more dramatic. Here’s a sample of one we did for an awesome client.


#4. Turn On The Lights, I Can’t See!

You’ve practiced so hard with your court of honor. Your dance routine is on point. Your song selection is lit! Your Damas and Chambelanes are turnt! You guys are dancing and WAIT!! The lights at the venue are too dimmed, the fog makes it hard to record and see. That’s what kills the entire outcome of having The Best Quinceañera Surprise Dance. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve seen pictures. They do not look nice and the videos look cloudy. Make sure you turn on the lights, show your work of art. Be proud of it and don’t be embarrassed. You guys worked hard for it and deserve the attention and a standing ovation from all your guests.


I hope these 4 quick tips help you make your Surprise Dance the Best ever. If you like what you read please share it with your friends!

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