Quinceanera Tips: Hire a DJ or a Live Band?

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This can be a stressful situation if you’re a music lover like I am. I would also have a hard time deciding for one. Fortunately, I am not planning a Quinceanera Party (LOL) but you are. And we are here to help you make a smart decision. Just hire us end of story. Just kidding. Keep in mind that for the past 13 years our weekends have mostly been spent at Parties, Weddings, Sweet 16’s and Quinceaneras. We know a few things like, what really happens when you have a DJ, Band & a Mariachi (yikes)…

The first question you should ask yourself as a host is; what kind of music do my guests like? Most of the people attending your party will be family members. You can start by asking them. What would they prefer? If they like to party to almost anything you have it easy, you can choose yourself.

More factors to consider: The amount of space required. Music Genres. Is there enough time to have live music & a DJ. Who is bringing the party lights? Who is making the announcements? Who will get them on the dance floor?


Mariachi: The best time to have the Mariachi play at your party is during dinner. Mexican folk music goes so well over drinks and food. It is great music to the ear and perfect to sing along. Mariachis at parties are almost a tradition for many. Just don’t over do it. After a while your party can become monotonous.


Banda, Tamborazo or Grupo Norteño: Who doesn’t love live music? I don’t think we can find a person who doesn’t. I love it! Here’s a tip when hiring a Banda or Grupo. Find out what their genre is. Usually it’s Mexican Regional for Bandas and Grupo Norteños. If you think your guests will love it and won’t mind dancing to the same genre all night, go ahead! A zapatear! But be aware they do require more space to setup their equipment. Bands and Norteño Groups, require more space than a Mariachi or DJ in most cases.


DJ: With a DJ, you won’t be limited to a few genres. The music selection is more diverse. DJs and MCs can also make your formal announcements. If your crowd loves new music, a DJ is the way to go. If you had to pick one form of entertainment, I’d recommend a DJ. A DJ can play any song the Banda or Grupo plays. Of course it won’t be live but it will still get the job done and keep the party going. With a DJ you’ll also get lighting to set the party mood.


Having a good time and dancing the night away is what it’s all about. Creating memories with your loved ones. Getting everyone involved in the fun. Enjoying your special day worry free. Whether it is a Banda, DJ or Mariachi. Whatever you get, make sure they keep your guests entertained and on the dance floor.

Quinceanera Tips

Quinceanera Tips DJs vs Live Bands

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